Welcome to Buono Gluten Free

As everyone knows Italy is famous for its culinary culture, for the genuineness of the product, the search for combinations and flavors intended..

We were born into this gastronomic world, but even more fortunate because we grew up in families of chefs and pastry chefs. We could not take to heart one area, that at least in part, it needs to rediscover the true flavor of good food.

We have seen the gluten-free products, not as limitation, but as a new basis on which to create new products, allowing everyone to enjoy the full taste of a real Italian pizza or immerse yourself in a fantastic world full of sweetness.

The School

Soon we will start a small class in a real house atmosphere .

we will teach how to make this  GLUTEN FREE PRODUCTS:





for any info :  marzia@buonoglutenfree.com



The company was founded in 2015, thanks to a perfect collaboration between Fabio Rosa and Deanna Tilcker, which, after they met in Sydney at the beginning of that year, they quickly realized each other potentiality.

The original product, where it was born on our brand is Gluten Free Pizza.

Obvious you can find dozen of gluten-free pizza on the market, but at least we did not found any that looks like, even in consistency and in the flavor, to an authentic pizza.

To reach the pizza, that we had in  mind, we made a long searching and testing of all gluten-free Italian flours and after finding the best we indulged with new mixtures and processing methods until obtain our perfect creations.

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